Friday, December 10, 2010

My new denim wallet is cool but I don't want to pay Dana 20 bucks for it

I'm taking a trip to Chicago! Hup hup! I've never been to Chi-Town, I'm pretty excited. Between the newest Batman movie and Michael Jordan and the stories Tommy tells, it sounds like a young man's drunk Lego Land. You just gotta know how to put the pieces together, baby! And I can make a Lego staircase like a motherfucker. Sometimes they don't even go anywhere, just up and up, so my Lego peeps can get up there to the top and be closer to God. Lego-God. Legod. Get close tiny Lego guy! Raise those stubby arms and get your scoops up there! Legod dishes it up, fills scoops with miracles like ice cream and even the melt is holy. Amen.


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