Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

i want to befriend somebody

i can meaningfully call "coach." preference goes to anybody who is actually a coach. friday night lights has ruined me. i watch, tears ready, the small texas town and its blunt, endearing love of football. street's girlfriend, Lyla. i have a fantasy team but its not the same. every week i forget to change my roster. this will be my third year losing.
pep talk, back slap.
thanks, coach.

i guess i just miss my dad.

in prison

we learn not to whistle,
IRL we learn how to sing

i skipped vietnam. i ran.

this is some sort of
like punishing me.
so god you're FUCKING PETTY
fuck fuck.
oh no oh god.
please go.


hi there.
were you waiting for
someone? you were
waiting for me? all this
oh gosh. oh i'm sorry.
i'm so sorry
i wasted your time
my life
so you shouldntve had
faith in me!
you shouldnta
been supportive. your my bra.
oh, cupping like a D.

well, let's just say that i am not real.

you, alone, are real
even though you hide
and i cannot see
your face. i am not real
or iconic.

maybe i'm getting too old

for this, i think, staring
mindlessly through the leaves no,
through the weed.

i wish i coulda just got it.

Monday, November 14, 2011