Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bought some garlic

and Vitamin E capsules because
of wanting to live
and be handsome forever.

[words by Barry Hannah]


walking here

fall is a great season

and absolutely the
best time to get

[words by steve roggenbuck]

what's to stop you

from coming home? chet's
better, we have graham nash
and roggenbuck poems. this
is where you

Thursday, October 20, 2011



like like so totally

to love.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ah baby today was so Ratso,

i just stayed tight wrapped
in blankets (c'mon!)
sweetdreaming the heat
in Florida.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I am an urban developer, no

I am an urban
explorer and you
are a city, no
an explorer and
you are the new
world, NBC new.
I am a viking
in a stolen ship,
the sea is quiet
and I am steering
behind my sunglasses
to find you
but it is Columbus
Day and you
have the whole day off.

I am twenty-eight

and amazed
by my own inability to
get a different kind of
I am no Mark Sanchez,
no Sorkin, more like
old neighbor
smoking alone on
her patio, her car
window always rolled down,
I have a sad
attitude and the thoughts of
youth are yeah,
real long.

once I'm naked, I


Saturday, October 1, 2011

top 3 Barry Hannah quotes, vol.2

1.It's against populating the grimy little
flybit species except for them as can
appreciate time and flesh and imagination.
It's about your high school play and sport and
it don't speak to nothing but itself. You
can't tell me who's harmed by it. The internet
is okay, but you develop there a lonely
murderous kind of nerd who wears a raincoat in
his own den, stepping out into the ether
thinking it's real, realer than Mom, who he's
hammered to death because she wasn't some
Power Ranger with tits who makes waffles every

2.Besides acting in the local theater, the sheriff rode a Norton motorcycle. The people of the county were not clear on what man they
had. He was handsome and very verbal. These
things were measured against him. Many women,
however, wanted to see his warm gun and dreamed, since there was little else to do.

3.Her knees went a little weak. When will I
get any better about men, she asked herself.
She walked in a trance most of the day.
Cautious, polite, gone milky and holy in the
head, abstraced into kindness.

4.These poets keep wanting to suck the water
out of the ocean with a straw.

5. The rain pleased Raymond immensely, as it
always did. It whispered, cancel your duty to
the outer, get fetal, think of caves.