Thursday, December 16, 2010

I don't hunt, not more than anyone else does.

I can't listen to Jethro Tull. For whatever reason the name "Jethro Tull" makes me think of clams and it's all ruined. No joke.


TomaskBohan said...

actually they got the name for the band from like England's first farmer in the seventeen hundreds, or some shizz like that. he invented some farming equipment. So try not to think of clams while air guitar soloing to thick as a brick.

Dominic said...

yeah I heard that that mother fucker invented the shovel but his original intentions for the invention was not to dig but to use as a giant spoon to feed his very obese brother corn chowder by the bucket-fulls...... Ohh wait a minute, I get it, yup that's the connection. It's the chowder, that's what makes you think of clams.... you know what Hume you're right.... Fuck Jethro Tull

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna' sit this one out, do reall mind?

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