Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hillary Clinton Fan Club

Aristotle: Suppose the eye were an animal - sight would be its soul.

Jonathan Franzen: There seemed to be no ways but girly ways for Chip to hold his grocery basket while he shook Doug's square hand.

R. Hume: Don't watch "Away We Go," it fucking sucks.

How I Tried to Get a Job with DJ Meth Combs


dear seth combs,
we've met before but i'd be surprised if you remembered me. it was at some function or another, actually it might've been at the Loft when Girls played. i don't really remember, i walked out of that show (despite being a pretty solid fan of theirs) silently, half-way through, to bum cigarettes from cold students on their way home from late classes. don't ask me why. either that or at some citybeat shit downtown. i'm friends with ace and he used to invite me to c.b. functions often, though, for whatever reason, he doesnt anymore. anyway, i guess you're familiar with the Billie Zines we did a while back. which is what this email is about, i guess. i heard about your new project. the blog. and i want in. i want to submit, if i can. in terms of writing samples you can easily find me splashed across said Billies, or I'd be happy to send you some other stuff. truth be told, though, i don't know what the content of this new project is all about (i tried to get my roommate Tommy to grab one of your zines at that soft-launch thing you had at Soda but he's wildly irresponsible and happy to be rabidly unliterary so no dice). i guess time will tell, eh? anyway, thanks, and please consider me for any open freelance-type spots on the emerging gfy "team" (that sounds stupid but you know what i mean). alright.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Please be
patient, god is not
with me

Friday, January 14, 2011

Korla Pandit reincarnated as talented, enlightened alien ghost in 1916 St. Louis Missouri

The summer is over, the harvest is in, and we are not saved. -Jeremiah, 8:20