Friday, December 10, 2010

Gracie is My Neighbor

so i made the mistake of telling the next door neighbor that i would share a beer with her after her mom died a couple weeks ago. i did it to be nice, for sure, because she said she was going to be lonely and i felt bad. but as it turns out i think she's twacked out on meth and getting worse by the day. she just lost some front teeth and says its because she fell but i've fallen before and i've fallen on my face before and been so drunk i couldnt remember how to lift my arms to shelter my fragile face and i still have a knock-out set of semi-pearly whites. but now when i just left to go to the little corner store to buy a sixer for myself so that i can decompress after i get home from work tonight, while i'm on the phone with my dad, no less, having forgotten his fucking birthday yesterday, the whole time she's trying to interject with an impromptu heart to heart what am i supposed to do? apparently she just recently called the cops on our empty house and claimed we had ten black dudes in our backyard smoking weed when i know maybe one black dude total and we don't ever invite him over to our house. so i told her i'd stop by but i didnt. and i dont plan to. instead, im gonna bolt out of here when i need to leave for work and hide my head ninja-style in a blue scarf hoping to be hidden.


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