Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Night I had Triscuits and Pistachios for Dinner

Do you buy groceries? Like at a Trader Joe's/ Whole Foods kind of thing or one of those classic Von's/Ralph's supermarkets? I used to work at a Trader Joe's but now find it difficult to even be in one of the buildings. And, my god, fuck the old school shit, unless its one of those little mom and pop markets with dusty shelves and fruitflies, in which case you have a better feel for who you're supporting, but fuck, the GALL these Von's managers have, or Food 4 Less or Ralph's or anyone who runs a store like a casino, with no clocks or windows and with the whole place lit up like a goddamn hospital bathroom in Palm Springs. I want to wear shades when I walk in there, its so bad, but i normally dont have the gusto to keep them on for very long, unless i'm pretty good and buzzed and dont give a fuck . but i hate how everybody looks at everybody -remember when it was the hot new dating tip to mingle at supermarkets? checking the firmness of grapefruits coyly while eyeing the pretty girl grabbing potatoes? like, "excuse me, this is a little embarassing but i was wondering if you'd help me pick out good grapefruits. i've never bought them before and just read this article about how incredibly good they are for you..."- fuck that shit. nobody talks to anybody and the closest i've come to having a moment was when i was buying a frozen pizza that time and checked a girl out in the reflection of the glass frozen food doors. and thats not even on deck. thats fucking dugout drudgery and i cant take it. so yes, i eat out pretty much all of the fucking time.


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