Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the capitol of Libya is burning but on the plus side my car passed smog

so i was going to do this post about how to filter/purify water (apparently there's a difference) but now i'm thinking you can just google that shit yourself. its really not that interesting. initially i thought it would be. i thought that, if anyone out there is like me, he or she might want to face the idea of an impending apocalypse with a little background knowledge of straight up, time-tested survival tips. and you probably do. i do too. so let's do the research together. meanwhile i think i might buy a rifle. or a good suit. not sure which. i kind of think a nice, well-tailored suit could be just as much an advantage as a rifle, post-apoco. probably not, though. probably the dudes in suits are the first ones robbed and shot with rifles. yeah, fuck the suit. now that i think about it, Thunderdome steez is one of the best parts about being an apocalypse survivor in the first place. really. i mean, can you imagine? the world goes mad and people are killing and eating each other and some blowhard just strolls into the wreckage in his tattered skinny suit like, "woah, hold on here gentlemen, i think i can help clear this up..." looking like Jimmy Carter at the Gathering of the Juggalos? no thanks. "not it".

p.s. fuck tidal wave dreams, right?


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