Friday, April 22, 2011

walt whitman whitman

this is america the remix
featuring ratatat and
steve jobs fundamentally.

little different,
no more founding fathers
no news really
except a lot to do and nobody
clear really about who or how to do it

many americans just keep sleeping

many americans cough and nod, pretty afraid
that they are dumb

many looking for heroes and not talking
about it,

driving in cars around where
they live,

i will admit to you
that i feel in my secret american
heart that i am smart and will survive
no matter what apocalypse but in truth
i can't reinstall the derailer on a bicycle so
probably not,
my goodness being less practical really.

many americans its true read and write
about celebrity

are my own thoughts inadequate, etc?

i wish more did freedom things
god you'd laugh if you knew i wrote that

or could find a new job
many americans maybe not looking so what

finally, i want the people that have guns to like
listening to music,

and though selfish it may be i want the music to
be ours or just birds


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